My Friend Angry

Vanessa is SOOOOOOO ANGRY! She feels her anger will burst out of her!

And then—POP—sour, sassy, stormy Angry is sitting right there.

Vanessa does not want Angry, but the more Vanessa resists, the angrier Angry gets. . .until Vanessa makes a new choice!

Written by a certified emotional consciousness coach, this emotions book breaks down (and befriends!) big feelings for kids and the adults who raise them.

Through colorful language and delightful illustrations, My Friend Angry goes beyond anger management to truly allow and accept feeling angry so that we can discover its purpose.

This feelings book reminds us that taking care of our emotions can be fun and easy - and is the first step in becoming our own best friend!

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My Friend Angry was hilarious to read, a beauty to look at, and contained profound lessons!  The best children’s book I’ve read in years. - Lars King, Transformational Coach

Recognize anger? Yes. Learn from it? Yes. Transform it? Yes. This book is a gem that invites parents and children to explore powerful feelings with humor and wisdom. - Ann Bugh, Singer/Songwriter 

Seldom is there a children’s book that is so right for our times. With great humor and amazing illustrations a child can understand that anger, and indeed all our “negative” emotions we feel, do not make us “bad”. I recommend My Friend Angry to all my patients with children, as the adults that read it will learn and grow as much as the young ones. I guarantee a laugh and a sigh of relief by the end of this book.. - Warren King, Author, Acupuncturist

I have read this story now over 20 times and every time I do I am struck with emotion. My own experience of grappling with feeling growing up and how easy it can be to simply listen is a true gift that I give myself now.  Tears of gratitude flow when I think of the future generations who will receive all the gifts this shining story provides. Thank you for contributing to our lives Amy.  In one word: sublime.  - Alec Uitti, Entrepreneur/Coach

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