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Moving Angry Energy!

Sometimes Angry has a lot of rip-roaring ruckus energy.  When it does, we can move energy to make it easier to slow down and stay with our Angry. Vanessa ran out the door and across the park – FAST.  Below are some ideas for moving your Angry energy. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings!     

  • Run! The FAST way to move energy is to run. . .FAST!
  • Dance!  Put some music on (out loud or in your head) and dance away!
  • Jump! Jumping jacks, jumping rope, jumping in leaves, jumping on a trampoline, or jumping on pillows on the floor!
  • Go Outside!  Nature alone moves energy – do anything outside!   
  • Make Noise!  Yell, clap, play an instrument or bang pots!!
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